“You Were Warned”

blue-eyes-237438When we first met you overlooked my obvious flaws, kinks in my personality unappreciated by the masses. You praised my beauty, loved my body. You made me feel less hideous. Your words spoke volumes and filled my darkness with light.

But I warned you. Repeatedly.

You lavished me with trinkets of love. You said I deserved so much more than you could give. I was a vision to behold.

But I warned you. Frequently.

In all fairness, you were obsessed with the thought of me. You called me at all hours of the night wanting more. I obliged eagerly. It had been so long for me.

But I warned you. Continually.

We went on this way for days, weeks, months. Then the speck in your eye dimmed. You saw that small chink in my exterior. It nagged and troubled you. I, however, wasn’t surprised. I knew it was coming. It always does.

But I warned you. Often.

It came to you and you thought it miraculous. Like Einstein you presented your revelation. I needed to let go. You wanted me to embrace life.

Live free, you said.

Live without expectation, you said.

Live on the edge, you said.

Lose control, you said.

But I warned you. Again.

Who knows why I listened? Loneliness for a human soul, perhaps. It doesn’t matter. I let my proverbial hair down. I inhaled deep and let the darkness cover me. And it was… liberating. It came on a wave of ecstasy. I relished in the moment, needing… more.

You smiled at my joy. I smiled at your naivety.

The shadows pulled apart and took on a mind of their own. I watched them. I watched them cry out their rapture. They desired freedom and I gave it to them.

So caught up in the floor show I almost missed the highlight.

It was too late for you, my love. You beckoned. You summoned the monster and it was only too happy to come out and play.

A gleam of light.

The staccato beat from your chest.

The taste was delectable, like a fine wine aged for years. I’ll never forget the flavor. With time you will appreciate it.

But for now you’ll bleed.

I’ll watch the gossamer threads of life leave your handsome body. Your inability to blink away the pain confounds you. It gets better. The pain will pass and only darkness will remain. You’ll drink it in letting it nourish you. We’ll trade places for a while until you find another.

Remember, I warned you. Time and time again.

I bet you regret your suggestion, your command for me to let go.

For when I let go, my darkness consumes and evil reigns. When I let go people perish.

It’s always been this way.





Evil knows no other way.


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