It’s time for another serial story told flash fiction style. This one’s a contemporary romance between two emotionally damaged characters. Savage Charm (Part 13) —Peyton— Time passed without a word from anyone. I had no idea if it were day or night since Rich kept the room-darkening curtains closed. Now my hands and feet were … Continue reading FRISKY FRIDAY FLASH FICTION!


COMING SOON: “Shadow Love” by Nadirah Foxx

Title: Shadow Love Author: SF Benson writing as Nadirah Foxx Genre: Paranormal Romance with Suspense Elements Cover Designer: FireQuill Publications/Erika Bester Publication Date: October 30, 2018 Blurb:Vampire fangs, vials of dragon’s blood, and tarot cards. Just a few of the oddities found at Vanpeer’s—a metaphysical gift shop found in the French Quarter. But when the owner, Twilight Vanpeer, uncrates an … Continue reading COMING SOON: “Shadow Love” by Nadirah Foxx

COUNTDOWN BEGINS: “Taming the Beast” by Nadirah Foxx

Welcome to the darker, sexier side of Havenwood Falls that many residents never speak of publicly, but most likely enjoy in secret. Venture into the SIN MC, the VIP rooms of Silk nightclub, and behind other closed doors, where you’ll discover passion, unusual penchants, and just how far some will go for love. Hold on … Continue reading COUNTDOWN BEGINS: “Taming the Beast” by Nadirah Foxx

BOOK BLITZ: “Double Trouble” by Catherine Vale

Title: Double Trouble Author: Catherine Vale Genre: Paranormal Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Just when Sadie is ready to settle down as Dane and Jackson’s mate, she winds up the victim of a terrifying kidnapping scheme. The maniac is intent on using Sadie, and her best friend Peyton as a ticket out of … Continue reading BOOK BLITZ: “Double Trouble” by Catherine Vale