Welcome to Mystery Monday…

Just what is Mystery Monday? It’s whatever might be in my bag of tricks for the day. Could be a book recommendation or a review. Might be an excerpt from a story or even a piece of prose. One never knows what I might target.

Let’s roll the dice and see what shakes out…


Book Preview

Today’s Mystery Monday feature is an excerpt from my first book by Nadirah Foxx, Delivering Sin. Enjoy!

Chapter Two Excerpt

Jake swears and rakes a hand through his hair. “Sinatra, stop fighting with me. I’m not letting a stranger drive you back. Take the damned room. I’ve got work to do and an early class.”

He stalks away from me, gets half way across the room, and throws over his shoulder, “You want to know the real reason we didn’t work?”

A ball of worry and foreboding twist in my stomach. “Why?”

“Your insane need to always be right.” Jake faces me. “You never let me help you when it was so obvious you needed it. Your mom could have asked my parents for help. They wanted to lend a hand. All of us knew about your dad’s bad investments and gambling. You didn’t have to go through it alone.”


“For once let me finish!” His chest heaves in and out as he attempts to calm down. “Pride. That’s your damned problem, Sin. I never cared about your financial status. Wanting nice stuff? Hell, we all want the finer things in life. But all the crap in the world means absolutely nothing if you don’t share it with someone you love.”

His words cut deep. Jake always knew how to uncover my issues and hold them up in a mirror. Any other time I could deal with it all. But not today. Not when I’m confused, needy, and so fucking raw inside.

“Why me, Jake?” I choke out. “Why bother with someone who’s ungrateful and incapable of loving you back?”

“You’re not any of those things, Sinatra. You never have been.”

I wag my head back and forth, swallowing my sob. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“Because I see you, the real you, like nobody else does. You’re worth the fight even if you don’t believe it.” His footsteps pound the dark wood floor and stop at the balcony. The door slides open and slams behind him, bouncing on its track.

Delivering Sin comes to you this Fall!


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