Mystery Monday!


Welcome to Mystery Monday…

Just what is Mystery Monday? It’s whatever might be in my bag of tricks for the day. Could be a book recommendation or a review. Might be an excerpt from a story or even a piece of prose. One never knows what I might target.

Let’s roll the dice and see what shakes out…


A Book Review



Another great read by Nikki Belaire! This  fourth book in the series named for alcohol features a younger cast of characters. They’re younger, hot, and prone to impulsive behavior.

The character of Luciano was intriguing. He knew exactly what he wanted and had no qualms about how to get it. The thing is he had a heart. A deadly thing to possess when you’re the head of a mafia syndicate.

I did find the character of Molly a little naive. She did have a little backbone, but she didn’t fight back too hard against Luciano’s advances.

Luciano’s little brother was just adorable. My heart went out to the youngest character who lost both parents.

The one character I wanted to read more of was Luc’s hot brother, Tyson. Belaire, if you’re reading this, please write a story centered around Tyson. He’s a twisted character deserving a showcase.

I appreciated how Belaire tied the book into the first two stories (Whiskey & Wine duet). The nice thing about Straight No Chaser is you don’t have to read any of the other books to appreciate this one. But you owe it to yourself to read the Surviving Absolution series. You won’t be sorry.

My Rating: lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640


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