Thrilling Thursday!

Thrilling Thursday

Welcome to Thrilling Thursday! What is that you ask? It’s my little homage to discovering other authors of romantic, tantalizing stories. You can always drop me a line and let me know who you’d like to see more of.

This week’s Thrilling Thursday find is Kira Blakely!

Her Latest:


I needed a girlfriend, so I bought one.
Well, I tried, but Shawna’s not the compliant type.
She’s sassy, full of spice, and everything nice.
Not to mention an a@s any man would die for.
But, in Vegas, anything is possible.
Because in this town, I’m a f#@king boss.
Unfortunately, a company I’ve been trying to buy won’t give me the time of day because they don’t TRUST ME. For f#@k’s sake!
I need a girlfriend to show I’m steady and trustworthy.
Shawna is the perfect candidate and one of the only waitresses at my casino who hasn’t slept with me.
And she’s just been evicted from her apartment because of her stalker ex-boyfriend.
Perfect timing!
She needs my money and protection. I need her soft body in my arms.
Shawna, will you be my… fake girlfriend?

Kira Blakely writes about hot alpha males who love their women. Happy endings are always guaranteed!

Limited 99 cents sale!

Sale Link:

About the Author


Kira Blakely is an avid reader of all types of books from romance to self-development. Kira loves to write about average girls meeting insanely hot men. Bad boys, rich boys, Military, sports, or even the occasional shape shifter. Her favorite pastime is snuggling up on the couch with her favorite kitty and her boyfriend and binge watching Netflix.

“I’m so honored to have reached #5 in all of romance with my steamy best-selling novel One Hot Daddy and become a best-selling romance author! Thank you so much for getting me there!

If you’re into steamy billionaire bad boys then I’m your girl! Hot and rich is the name of my game!

I want to convert you into a raving Kiralite and build a bond so strong that no one else’s novels will come between us.

To get you on board I want to give you a FREE and exclusive deleted scene from One Hot Daddy which is only available to Kiralites.”

Copy and paste this link into your browser and get your free copy now!

Find her online at:

Facebook     Twitter     Amazon     Goodreads


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