Sinful Sunday!

Woman grasps sexy macho mans abs

Welcome to Sinful Sunday (and Happy Father’s Day)! It’s the day I chose to share romance book trailers with you. So, sit back and relax…

The Book


The electrifying second chapter of Jacade and Ivy’s dark mafia romance.
Even the most talented surgeon can’t rectify a broken heart. Dr. Jacade Jordan turned my life upside down in less than a week. He came out of nowhere and penetrated my body and soul. This controlling and mysterious man could possibly be my soul mate.

Now his Mafia connection with my ex has put me and my loved ones in danger. I should cut ties now and move on while there’s still a chance. I just don’t know if I can. I may be in too deep already.

Continue with the mind-blowing contemporary romance that will have you pleading for more. Come indulge in this amazing erotica for women novel.

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The rest of the series:


An epic mafia romance filled with mystery and suspense that makes you doubt if the truth can prevail in a deceitful world.

Dr. Jacade Jordan, my mystifying sex god on a stick. He’s a surgeon, he’s a cage fighter, he’s not a good man. I feel as if I know him, yet I’m sure I don’t. I want to run but my feet are rooted in his dominant alpha male presence. What has he done to me?

Damn, she’s delectable. My sweet Ivy. I want to eat her alive. But how can I possess her when she doesn’t even know me? When the deception runs too deep? When I’ve killed for her and would do it again in a heartbeat? How can I watch her submit so perfectly when I am the one at her feet?

A captivating dark mafia romance with a timeless story of lust and loyalty.

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The third and final book of the mafia erotic romance series.

Deals with the devil never work out. Trust me.

At eighteen years old, I gave up the girl of my dreams. For what? To climb the ranks of the most ruthless underground crime organization in Chicago? Not worth it.  A decent man would’ve stayed away from Ivy like I promised to do. Not me. I took her and drew her into my callous world.

She finally loves me, and lord knows I love her. If my enemies find out her true identity, they’ll kill her. I should ignore this damn ember of hope she’ll be mine, free and clear, forever.

I’ve spent my life fighting for her. I won’t give up now.
The contemporary romance you won’t want to end.

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About the Author

M.K. Gilher is a best-selling author of heart-pounding romance with a medical twist. Her stories feature alpha-male doctors who are rough around the edges but sweet on the inside, and she delights in making them suffer before they earn their happily ever afters. She’s a die-hard fan of her hometown heroes—the Chicago Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Hawks.

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