Sexy Saturday: Book Recommendation


May is speeding by! Can’t believe I have a birthday next week! I think it’s time to pick a gift. Let’s see what’s on my TBR:

How about a series?

The Books:


How long does it take to change a person’s life from happy to terrifying?
How long was I normal before that part of me was taken away?
How long would I live in fear after that?

After being attacked by something she can’t explain as a child, Melanie Rose is left with the ability to see ghosts and it haunts her everyday life.
It only gets worse the night before her eighteenth birthday. Things that shouldn’t be real, start appearing before her.
The evil that attacked her as a child is back to finally take her life.
Then he appears, a stranger wearing a black leather jacket.
All the unanswered questions she’s had, start to unfold around her.
She soon realizes it’s only the beginning.
Melanie must control her fear before Fear claims her.

Recommended for 18+ due to sexual content in the series and situations that might offend some. Also CLIFFHANGER ending!

Buy Link:


Melanie met the monster she feared most and survived—but at a cost.
A life was lost. And one became two.
Now that Killian was no longer Grim Reaper, he was back to being an incubus demon. And if waiting for demons to attack weren’t enough on a girl, being around him while his pheromones were slipping—planting dirty thoughts inside her head—was enough to make anyone question their sanity.
But her dirty mind and trying to stay alive weren’t the only thing she had to worry about. The Vessel had awakened inside her. She needed to figure out what it was and why there was suddenly a voice inside her head.
Soon, Melanie was questioning everything, wondering… all the while spiraling down a path toward Grim and Killian, discovering her own feelings.
Then came the question: What if they were wrong about the Vessel?

For mature readers 18+ for sexual content and situations that might offend some.

Buy Link:


Fate was a magical thing, but it could also be a horrid reality if knocked off kilter.
Melanie’s life was changed the moment Fear marked her as a child…
Now as Marcus’s death approaches, Melanie’s fight to save her life and very soul may finally reach its end, but a demon that knows Death is coming for him won’t sit back and wait, he’ll do whatever it takes.
Nothing’s for certain…. Melanie and Killian’s future together, Ryan’s fate harboring a demon inside of him controlled by Fear, or Melanie’s life.
But death is. And Fate knows exactly what it wants to happen.

18+ explicit scenes and language.

Buy Link:

About the Author

81aqn2s-1gl-_ux250_ I like to dip my pen into dark and twisted things.

At first, when it came to writing, I was afraid to take the plunge into writing all the crazy things I daydreamed about, but with each finished book, the darkness falls onto the keyboard easier.
No matter what I write, it will always have romance, I live and breathe for it… only it’s best served with a mixture of other genres, so don’t hesitate to recommend me a book or series to read!
A Grim Awakening Series is my first published series–not my first written one. With the first book in the series, ‘Til Fear Do Us Part, I stayed ‘mostly’ safe with it, but the series gets darker.
Book four in the series will definitely be the darkest, I let the crazy fall from my fingertips. (which is not released yet and book three releasing Feb 2017.)
What I write is not for everyone, even if the series seems light enough at first, it might be a bit too much for some.
Reader discretion advised AGAIN, the series gets crazy and twisted at times.
Of course, I have a lot of bubbly, funny, and sweet characters stuck inside my mind that I want to write as well, so not everything I write will be dark, but all of them will probably have the hanky-panky–not wrote with those words, though… probably… better leave it at that.
You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!



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