AMAZON REVIEW TOUR: “Royal Lies” by K.L. Roth

Title: Royal Lies

Series: The Royals Series #1

Author: K.L. Roth

Genre: Historical Romance

Release: April 15, 2017


Cover model: Robert Kelly

Photographer: Jason Myles


James is about to get everything he ever wanted. He’s about to become the next of King of England. He’s engaged to rich Lady Alice, and England has never been wealthier.

He’s about to get it all until everything shatters around him.

The palace is stalked by demons from his past, hiding in the shadows, waiting.

Deadly truths are etched onto the portraits of the late queen who was beheaded, taking a secret to her grave that would change everything.

As he takes on the role of being the most powerful man in England, he realizes that everyone is hiding secrets, the noblemen are pulling strings, and he can’t even keep his sister under control.

When he finds out the truth, how far will he go to hold onto his crown?

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About the Author

K. L. Roth lives in the small town of Delphos, Ohio.  When she’s not writing she enjoys reading, participating in outdoor activities, and teaching her son the outdoor way of life with her husband. She writes all genres from erotica to horror.  She is working on some solo books and currently collaborating with Author R. L Weeks to bring you exciting, sexy and sometimes horrific stories.

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