Mystery Monday


Welcome to Mystery Monday…

Just what is Mystery Monday? It’s whatever might be in my bag of tricks for the day. Could be a book recommendation or a review. Might be an excerpt from a story or even a piece of prose. One never knows what I might target.

Let’s roll the dice and see what shakes out…


Book Review



Wine & Whiskey is the first read for me by Nikki Belaire. I stumbled across this author’s teasers during a takeover event. I was immediately hooked and quickly purchased all four of her novels.

I was pleasantly rewarded with an intriguing story line and complex characters. If it hadn’t been for writing obligations, I could have easily finished this book in a day or two.

I loved the characters of Shae Armstrong and Nick DeMarco. She’s innocence and lace while he’s hard edges and leather (the guy wears suits, but the leather analogy works here). Both characters are broken and in search of someone to pick up the pieces and mend them back together.

It’s their vulnerability that charge this tale. In all honesty, if Shae had not had her heart broken by a previous boyfriend, I think she would have quickly walked away from Nick. And it’s his tragic background fuels his obsessive love for Shae.

Belaire does a great job at moving this story along. Not once did I feel a dull spot. Even the secondary characters she introduces only highlight the tale. Despite the ruthless nature of the people in Nick’s life, they all seem to have good hearts and they truly care about their employer.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

If you’re looking for a captivating book with alluring characters, you don’t want to miss Wine & Whiskey by Nikki Belaire.

My Rating: lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640lipstick-160269_640




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