Frisky Friday Flash Fiction


Happy Friday! It’s time for another installment in Frisky Friday Flash Fiction. You know the drill. I provide a picture and the first lines of a story (300 words maximum). You get the opportunity to provide the rest. I’ll post the full story the following week.

Let’s look back at last week’s story:

Before the Queen

“A Royal Deal”

“That’s right. Kiss my hand. Grovel at my feet. This is my kingdom now. And you will do whatever I desire.”

“Yes, my queen.”

What else could the man say? Queen Araña enchanted him along with everyone in the kingdom.

She gazed down on the infidel. He was the last of his line and hopefully the first in her bed tonight. Araña was tired of having to spell every man who fucks her. Maybe this one could be different.

Araña removed her hand. “On your feet.”

“Yes, my queen.”

His obedient behavior was irritating. Araña snapped her fingers. The glazed look left the man’s face. Slowly, he stood.

“Where? What has happened?”

“My name is Araña. I am your Queen and you must obey me.”

The man ran a hand through his dark hair. “You may be the queen, but I do not have to obey. I choose who I give my allegiance to.”

Araña turned away from the man. She wanted to try something different, but she refused to be disrespected. Perhaps a deal can be brokered with the man. “This is what will happen.” She faces him with her hands on her ample hips. “Your kingdom is now mine. I can spare your life or make you my slave.”

“I see nothing rewarding in becoming your slave,” he said with his eyes focused on her bosom.

Araña placed her hand on his crotch and squeezed. “A night in my bed will make you change your mind.”

He grabs her wrist. “So, here’s my offer. Give me one week to capture your heart. If you fall in love with me, I’ll stay with you. You’ll release the kingdom and let the people live in peace.”

“And if I don’t fall in love?”

“That’s an easy one. No one turns me down.”

And now for this week’s story:

Sensual woman hugging handsome man

Sometimes humans must be punished for their deeds. And the one who took my beloved’s wings will pay dearly.

“Shhh, Ramiel, I feel your pain.”

“Kashara, it’s not what you think.”


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