Thrilling Thursday!

Thrilling Thursday

Welcome to Thrilling Thursday! What is that you ask? It’s my little homage to discovering other authors of romantic, tantalizing stories. You can always drop me a line and let me know who you’d like to see more of.

This week’s Thrilling Thursday find is Christopher Harlan!

His current book:


From the outside Wesley Marsden has it all: wealth, good looks, and a genius level IQ, but these qualities hide the depths of his complexity. While he’s a man who’s strong, confident, and in control, he’s also a man obsessed with solving a family mystery and dealing with personal demons that have plagued his relationships for years.

Mia Careri is a special needs teacher; a woman who’s devoted her life to the care and education of other people’s children. Funny, beautiful, and intelligent, she has a job she loves and close friends who are like her family, but something is missing. A slew of failed relationships have her yearning for that connection, that feeling of intense love – the perfect man to have a future with.

When by chance or by fate, Mia and Wesley encounter one another in the most unlikely of settings, they realize that they might be each other’s salvation. As their fates collide over the course of a few months, neither of them will ever be the same again.

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Book 2:

51oow6m7til-_sy346_ We can try to deny our deepest desires, but we can never truly erase them from our hearts.

I’ve always wanted something more from life, and until I saw him again that fateful afternoon I had pretty much given up on things getting better. I didn’t know exactly what I was missing until I saw Kane again, and it only took one look into his eyes to reawaken the feeling I had the first time I laid eyes on him. We met under such strange and dramatic circumstances over a year ago, when I was just the supportive best friend who tagged along to his house, and he was just Wesley’s worried little brother. I knew that some part of me wanted him even then, and what I thought would be something between us fell apart before it ever really began.

Now he’s come back into my life as unexpectedly as he left it. That life’s been a mess lately –I’m stuck in a dead-end job that I hate, I have a best friend who’s married and moved away, and now a dark cloud from my past looms in the distance, threatening to destroy everything that I love. I don’t know what the future will bring between me and Kane, but I know that I want him, and that he may turn out to be my redemption.


About the Author



I’m the author of the contemporary adult romance Impressions Series – the first of which, Impression of You, is set to be released November 1st, 2016, with more books to follow.  In addition to being an author I’m also a lifelong reader, and when I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll most likely find my face buried in a book.

Why I Write…Strong women.

I’ve been surrounded by them my entire life. I was raised by one, I’m married to one, and now I’m raising one myself. Through their beauty, their complexity, and their struggles, strong women have been a consistent presence in my life, and have always inspired me to write the stories that I write. Mia and Dacia are the first of many to come, and through the genre of contemporary romance I want to tell love stories, but I also want to create intriguing female characters.

I hope that you enjoy reading their stories as much as I enjoy writing them…

Learn more about Christopher Harlan on his website:

Join his reader’s group on Facebook:


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