Frisky Friday Flash Fiction


Happy Friday! It’s time for another installment in Frisky Friday Flash Fiction. You know the drill. I provide a picture and the first lines of a story (300 words maximum). You get the opportunity to provide the rest. I’ll post the full story the following week.

Let’s look back at last week’s story:

You've Been Caught


“Babe, that was unbelievable,” Scott declares as he places a hand beneath his head.

I hold up his phone from across the room. “And so is this. Care to explain who the female is?”

I toss the phone to him. Scott’s face clouds over.

I’m sure he’s trying to find a good lie. Too bad I’ve already found a good lawyer.

“It’s not what you think,” he mutters.

“Oh.” I place my hands on my hip. “So, the half-naked woman on the phone is sitting on some other man’s lap?”

The expression on my husband’s face brightens. “Yes! Exactly!”

“How dumb do you think I am? Who took the picture? Your assistant or is that who’s on your lap?”

“Jackie volun…” His voice trails off.

I pivot on my heel. My bag is at the door. Why didn’t I see through Scott’s lies sooner? All the long nights at work. The frequent business dinners. Constant trips out of town. How many times was his dick shoved between some slut’s legs?

His hand lands on my shoulder. “Don’t do this, Cass!”

I yank away from him. “You don’t get to beg me. How many times did I ask you?”

He shakes his head. “You don’t understand?”

“Explain it to me!” I yell as I turn around. “Tell me how the fuck you throw away ten years of marriage?”

Scott slides down the wall, his head in hands. “I tried over and over again to tell you. Every time, you didn’t want to talk about us.”

He’s not lying. One night Scott begged me to go to a counselor. He said he didn’t want to lose me.

I swallow hard. “Are you saying this is my fault?”

“It’s both our faults, Cass.”

“Now what do we do?”

“You let me go.”


And now for this week’s story:

The Lady of the Woods

There’s a reason villagers don’t go into the woods. Between the massive trunks and twisted limbs is a lost soul. Someone stole her life many years ago. She haunts the forest waiting for the one who did her wrong.


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