Mystery Monday


Welcome to Mystery Monday…

Just what is Mystery Monday? It’s whatever might be in my bag of tricks for the day. Could be a book recommendation or a review. Might be an excerpt from a story or even a piece of prose. One never knows what I might target.

Let’s roll the dice and see what shakes out…


I have an excerpt today from a story I started working on before there was a Nadirah Foxx brand. It started out very dark and I wasn’t sure what to do with it until now. If you’d like to read the very beginning of this story, you can do so here.

“The Night Stalkers”

What you should take away from my story is I’m not crazy. Demons exist, and sometimes they are smoking hot. Mere words could not describe Dante and Dorian. Their paleness contrasted with their dark hair and totally black eyes. They looked like rock stars, immortal bad boys.

Dr. Sygmund ended our sessions, and the orderlies escort me back to my room. The smell of alcohol permeates the air. My thin mattress is askew, sheets grazing the floor. A pair of black stilettos peek out from under the bed, a present from the twins.

I pull my lace thongs out of my butt, another gift, and sit on the floor. The things that happened on my bed make me feel unclean. I drop my head in my hands.

I was smart. I thought I had a real future as an artist. My childhood room is filled with my paintings. Even if the twins had never made an appearance, there was something wrong with me. Every picture, every scene I envisioned contained twisted, demented images. Sometimes I created landscapes with people swinging from ropes. Some paintings had dark shadows which I couldn’t explain. Normal people don’t paint things like that.

No one believes Dante and Dorian exist. They first visited me when I was fourteen. I thought I was hallucinating. My parents sent me to my first psychiatrist.


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