Frisky Friday Flash Fiction


Happy Friday! It’s time for another installment in Frisky Friday Flash Fiction. You know the drill. I provide a picture and the first lines of a story (300 words maximum). You provide the rest. I select the best and post it the following week.

Let’s look back at last week’s story:

death-walking “The Fallen”

I told him not to underestimate me—no one fucks with my man but me.

People have a tendency not to believe things until shit happens. Bet he’ll take me seriously now.

I look at the carnage, his so-called adoring fans, decorating the sidewalk like ticker tape.

“Proud of yourself?” the voice comes from behind me.

“If you wouldn’t strut yourself before these humans, I wouldn’t have to resort to such savagery.”

He steps out of the shadows, blocking my path. I look up into completely dark orbs. His equally dark hair hangs down his back. Luzariel, a fallen angel, flaunts his beauty around females attracting them like mice to cheese. But for me, a sworn guardian of the realm, it ignites a flame so intense. My jealousy got me kicked out of Heaven. Now, I’m his protector while he pretends to be a rock star named Luz.

Luzariel touches my cheek. “Karial, are you jealous? You know I only have eyes for you.”

I push his hand away and keep walking. “Save it for someone who cares.”

His steps echo across the pavement. He pulls up beside me. “Is that the only thing bothering you tonight?”

“You’re getting sloppy. Care to explain the human from last night?”

He exhales. “It was one night, Karial. Get over it.”

“And how would you feel if I started having sex with Nephilim?”

A low growl emanates from his chest. “You wouldn’t dare.”

I stop and face him. “Try me. I have needs, too. If you’re gonna take care of yours, I might as well look out for myself.”

Luzariel throws his head back and looks up at the black sky. “Woman, I swear you make hell seem like a fucking vacation.” His gaze settles on me. “Tell me. What do you want?”

And now for this week’s:


It was an odd request.

“Come home with me. I’ll pay just to watch,” he said.

“Me and who else?” I wondered.

“Just you.”

[And now it’s your turn.]


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