Mystery Monday


Welcome to Mystery Monday…

Just what is Mystery Monday? It’s whatever might be in my bag of tricks for the day. Could be a book recommendation or a review. Might be an excerpt from a story or even a piece of prose. One never knows what I might target.

Let’s roll the dice and see what shakes out…


Story Excerpt

Lights from the house on the hill pierced the night sky. According to the crumpled slip of paper, I was at the right address. It seemed like a harmless locale, but nothing moved the closer I got to the front door. At the bottom of the driveway, a black cat sat on it’s haunches and stared. I half expected it to say ‘beware’.

Before I could ring the doorbell, the door swung open. The scent of decay snuck past my nose. Common sense told me go home while my heart urged me to press on. Jake promised me that if anything ever happened to him I’d come here. He said I’d get answers from the owner of the house. I needed to get brave.

“Come in before something slithers out,” a deep voice croaked.

The door slammed behind me. I peered into the darkness attempting to find the body that went with the nerve-shattering voice.

I gasped. Something scurried across the floor.

The hulking mass of flesh caught me off guard. Nothing about it screamed male or female. It just was.

“Did you bring his body?”


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