Hey, It’s Thrilling Thursday: BSM Stoneking


Welcome to Thrilling Thursday! What is that you ask? It’s my little homage to discovering other authors of romantic, tantalizing stories. You can always drop me a line and let me know who you’d like to see more of.

This week’s Thrilling Thursday find is BSM Stoneking!



About the Author

BSM Stoneking is the hottest new author on the supernatural erotica scene. Her series, The Vampires Ange De La Mort has earned rave reviews from authors and readers alike. The erotic scenes in this book are well known, but the storyline is unforgettable!

Her newest release, Capture’s Temperance, has already hit the *Best Books of 2016* list. This BDSM romance “Deserves a standing ovation. Your senses will be teased, tantalized and will make you subconsciously purr like a kitten. BSM is blessed with an innate ability to weave an imaginative web capturing readers with her tempting words.”

Her short stories about Lena’s Security have been coined a “one hand, two finger read”, along with her short story, Cumming With Amy.
Although, Cumming With Amy is a spin-off from Lena’s Security, it is a standalone story. Amy is Lena’s friend and many readers have asked BSM to write a story dedicated to Amy, and ohh has she delivered!

Presently, BSM is working on the third novel to her Ange De La Mort series (Valentine), as well as another story for Lena and Amy. The anticipation for BSM’s next book is high in every reader who loves her books!

Please note: All of BSM Stoneking’s books and/or short stories overflow with Adult Only Content! If sexual content offends you, BSM Stoneking’s books are NOT for you.

Her Books

21942448  22038724 22383321 25865828

Find her online at:

Website: http://www.bsmstoneking.com/home.html

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/BSM-Stoneking/e/B00K3VF49I/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008272500069

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSMstoneking

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/BSMstoneking/

Tumblr: http://bsmstoneking.tumblr.com/

That’s it for this Thursday!


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