Your Author Social Media Policy

This is always relevant, but especially now….


Allow me to sound old for a moment*. Nowadays, it’s so easy to connect with authors you admire and/or have read. What we forget so often, though, is the old adage: Never follow your heroes on Twitter. Because guess what? They have opinions. They have opinions about politics, religion, sports, or that goddamn dress. They share stupid shit, and seriously. They’re people, too, it turns out.

Allow me to digress for a moment. I, clearly, like social media. I have had the most meaningful relationship of my life because of it. I have made life-long friends because of it. But if you’re an author, you’re aspiring to something more public, putting you in the category of the paragraph above. You will be someone hero, and meeting you will be a letdown for them.

Never thought about that before, didja?

I certainly claim no fame, nor to be anyone’s…

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